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Par. 1     The Musical Association “Note sul Mare” organize the  


The competition is open to young italian or foreign musicians. 

Par. 2     The main goal of the competition is to promote musical culture,  encouraging  youth to study music even in this difficult period of sanitary emergency caused by COVID-19. 

Par. 3     The competition will take place exclusively online via submission of a YouTube link video recording  of the performance   sent by each competitor not after 30/06/2021. 

The results will be published on the website   not after 17th July 2021. 

The list of all contestants will be published on 2nd July 2021 . 


Par. 4     The competition will be divided into the following sections and  categories: 


Section  1  : Piano solo                                                                 

Cat. Junior  up to  8 full yrs. old    Max. time  5  mins .        

Cat. A          up to 10 full yrs. old   Max. time  7  mins  .      

Cat. B          up to 13 full yrs. old   Max. time 9 mins.         

Cat. C          up to 16 full yrs. old   Max. time 13 mins.         

Cat. D          up to 19 full yrs. old   Max. time 15 mins                          

Cat. E          up to 24 full yrs. old   Max. time 20 mins. 


Section   2   :  Piano Four hands 

Cat.   G     medium age up to 12 years old                              Max. time 10 mins . 

Cat.   H     medium age up to 16 years old                              Max. time 13 mins . 

Cat.    I     medium age up to 21 years old                              Max. time 16 mins . 

Cat.    L    from 22 years old onwards with no  age limit         Max. time 20 mins . 


Section 3: Piano performance    Up to 35 years old 

Max. performance duration: 25 minutes.  

The presented program must include at least 2 pieces of different styles. 


Par. 5    Competitors must enroll in just one category: however, solists from 

              Section  1 are allowed to take part also in the Section 2 and in the  

              Section 3 and viceversa. 


Par. 6                        VIDEO RECORDING REQUIREMENTS:  

- The video shall keep a fixed shot, with the complete figure of the candidate clearly visible; 

 - Any kind of editing or manipulation of the audio and video is forbidden, under penalty of disqualification; 


- It is allowed to divide the program’s execution into several videos and then merge them in one single video, otherwise it can be recorded entirely without cuts between the pieces (works with many movements, variations, pieces, ecc must be recorded in only one take); 

 - Every video must be recent and recorded in the years 2020/2021; 

 - The video must be uploaded on YouTube platform with the title:  

“ISCHIA” International Piano Competition  - NAME AND SURNAME OF THE COMPETITOR - SECTION AND CATEGORY”. The competitor shall write the program performed in the description of the video;  

- The link of the video must preferably be unique and inserted in the text of the e-mail; 

 - By submitting the registration, you automatically authorize the organization of the competition to use this video for the purposes related to the competition: sending the videos to the judges and publishing the videos on the website and on social channels. 


The Organization  reserves the right to make any non-substantial changes to the present rules. The application to the competition entails the unconditional acceptance of the rules/regulations of the present announcement and authorizes the Organization to publish names, surnames and videos of the competitors (including underages’ videos). 

Par. 7    All competitors can enroll in higher categories, if they think consider  themselves able. 

Par. 8    For all competitors  the program is free choice repertoire; 

              For competitors of   Cat. Junior , A ,B,C and Section 2 the  performance by memory is NOT strictly necessary; 

 for all remaining categories and section 3 the performance by memory is compulsory. 


Par. 9   Competitors who have been taking lessons in the last two years from  members of the examination board (or are related to any of them) are not allowed to take   part in the competition. In the application form is strictly necessary to put  the teacher’s name.  

 The full list of the examination board  will be available on the website.                    


Par.10   The examination board will be formed by musicians, teachers and renowned musical personalities. 


Par.11   The board’s decisions  are final and irrevocable. The examination board may also decide not to give any prize due to a low-level general performance of the candidates.                                                                                              


Par. 12 According to the current legislation on the "Protection of personal data" (EU Regulation No. 2016/679 GDPR and Legislative Decree No. 196/03) we inform you that the data provided upon registration will be stored and used exclusively for the purpose of sending communications relating to the competition and that the data holder has the right to know, update, delete, correct the data, or oppose their use, in compliance with current legislation.  


Par. 13  The registration for the competition implies the unconditional acceptance of these rules and any changes made by the Artistic Director and the Organizing Committee. The candidate, with his application, authorizes Musical Association Note sul Mare - according to the art. 97 of the law on the subject of copyright (L. 22.04.1941 n. 663) - to make audio-visual recordings of the performances and to broadcast them on any platform of the Association or linked to it and publish photos within promotional material of the Association or exhibit them during future events. In relation to this, the candidate may not claim rights or make financial claims against Musical Association Note sul Mare , and the same from any economic task and from any responsibility inherent to an incorrect use of the audio-visual material by the users of the website or by third parties. 



 Competitors of all sections and categories 

 FIRST  classified           (score not less than  95/100 )     1st prize degree 

 SECOND classified       ( score from 94/100 to 90/100)   2nd prize  degree 

 THIRD  classified          ( score from 89/100 to 85/100)   3rd prize  degree 

 FOURTH classified       (score from 84/100t o 80/100)    4th prize  degree 

-Each not awarded competitor will be given an Attendance Certificate. 

Diplomas will be sent via e-mail.  


Judges reserve to assign ex-aequo prizes for all the sections; in this case the scholarships will be fairly divided among the winners.  

The event isn’t included in competitions and prize operations as per Art. 6 comma 1 of DPR 430/2001: consequently, as per Resolution n. 8/1251 of 28/10/1976, prizes will not be subjected at witholding tax. The responsibility and obligation to include the amount of the prize in their annual income tax return remains of the recipient. 


-FIRST ABSOLUTE WINNERS  of each category degree (score not less than 98/100) , will be also awarded the following prizes : 


SECTION 1 (Piano solo) 

Cat. Junior       Scholarship     €         60,00        

Cat. A               Scholarship     €         80,00        

Cat. B               Scholarship     €         100,00      

Cat. C               Scholarship     €         140,00 

Cat. D               Scholarship     €         200,00 

Cat. E              Scholarship     €         250,00   

  - A Concert  to be held during the season 2022 .  

The concert is listed  in “ CLASSICA FESTIVAL NOTE SUL MARE” in Ischia 






For the Category Junior , A , B , C , D and E       Scholarship       €    150,00 

The Prize  will be awarded at the discretion of the Jury to one competitor chosen among First Absolutes . 


SECTION 2  (Piano Four Hands ) 

Cat. G           Scholarship                  €          80,00 in two                 

Cat. H           Scholarship                  €          120,00 in two 

Cat. I             Scholarship                  €          180,00 in two                

Cat. L            Scholarship                  €          350,00 in two     and  1  Concert  to be held during the season 2022  . 

The concert is listed  in  “ CLASSICA FESTIVAL NOTE SUL MARE”   in Ischia  


Section 3  

 Piano Performance   Scholarship      of  €uro   800,00*     and two concerts 


 * Just a formal reimbursement is provided for all award concerts. 


*Private agreements are being made with several musical associations, in order  to give prize winners the opportunity to play in their festivals.  

Teaching Excellence Awards:  

Honorary diploma to the teachers with the highest number of applicant students; 

 Honorary diploma to the teachers with the highest number of awarded students.  .     









The registration must be effectuated no later than the day 30/06/2021.  

The material to be sent via e-mail to is the following:  

- Application form, downloadable from: 

 filled in completely; 

 - A copy of an identity document  and fiscal code of the candidate; 

 - A photo of the candidate in the foreground in good resolution to be used for the competition’s graphics;  

- Accessible youtube link (not encrypted) to be inserted in the text of the  


 - Receipt of payment of the registration fee (net of expenses) 



Cat. Junior    €   35,00   1^ section  

Cat. A           €   40,00   1^ section       

Cat. B-C       €   45,00   1^ section      

Cat. D-E       €   50,00   1^ section      

Cat. Piano Performance    €   60,00   3^ section 

Cat G-H          €    60,00  in two 2^ section             

Cat I-L             €   80,00  in two 2^ section 


 Payment must be net of charges banking                                   



The registration fee can be payed by bank transfer:    Banca Prossima   - C/C      n° 69467  headed to   “Associazione Musicale Note sul Mare”   

  IBAN: IT47S0306909606100000069467   


  Filiale di Milano  20121 -  Piazza Paolo Ferrari 10 – Milano 


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