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Par. 1     The competition is open to young italian or foreign musicians.

Par. 2     The main goal of the competition is to promote musical culture,  encouraging  youth to study music.

Par. 3     The competition will take place in  “ VILLA ARBUSTO ”  , in Via  Angelo Rizzoli   in  the municipality of   LACCO AMENO-

               Ischia Island ( Naples)  , from  4th July   to  7th  July  2024  .

Par. 4     Examinations will be public and divided into the following sections and  categories:

Section  1  : Piano solo                                                                 Section   2   : Piano Four hands

 Cat. Junior  up to  8 full yrs. old    Max. time  5  mins .      Cat.   G     medium age up to 12 years old      Max. time 10 mins .

 Cat. A          up to 10 full yrs. old   Max. time  8  mins  .     Cat.   H     medium age up to 16 years old      Max. time 15 mins .

 Cat. B          up to 13 full yrs. old   Max. time 10 mins.         Cat.    I     medium age up to 21 years old       Max. time 20 mins . 

 Cat. C          up to 16 full yrs. old   Max. time 15 mins.         Cat.    L    from 22 years old onwards with 

 Cat. D          up to 19 full yrs. old   Max. time 20 mins                           no  age limit                                    Max. time 25 mins .

 Cat. E          up to 24 full yrs. old   Max. time 25 mins.


Section 3: Piano performance    Up to 35 years old

Eliminatory round: max. performance duration 15 minutes:

°One Study chosen among F. Chopin, F. Liszt, C. Debussy, S. Rachmaninov, S. Prokofiev, A. Skryabin, B. Bartok, G. Ligeti; 

°Free choice program;


Final round: max. performance duration 30 minutes. Free choice program


Par. 5    Competitors must enroll in just one category: however, solists from

              Section  1   are allowed to take part also in the Section 2 and in the Section 3 and viceversa.

Par. 6    The association  may apply some changes to this announcement in the future  and possibly suppress a category, if 

              competitors are not enough. In that case, the attendance  fee will be refunded.  Furthermore, the association will not   

              be responsible for any damages  or losses due  to competitors, during all the competition.

Par. 7    All competitors can enroll in higher categories, if they think consider  themselves able.

Par. 8    Competitors will be allowed to test the piano following  a timetable  provided by  the  association.

Par. 9    Before any examination,  competitors will be asked by the examination board   to show the following documents:

                1) ID card            2) Two copies of the sheet  music  program.    Simplified piano pieces are not allowed.

Par. 10  Competitors will be examined in alphabetical order,  beginning from a   letter  randomly chosen on the first day of  

               the competition. Exception made for Section 3   in this case the starting letter will be drawn 8 days  before the 

               opening  of the competition, in order to  ease the staying of the competitors.

Par. 11   For all competitors of section 1 and 2 the program is free choice repertoire; the competitors of “Piano Performance”  

               will be submitted to first eliminatory round and final round.

               For competitors of   Cat. Junior , A,B,C and Section 2 the  performance by memory is NOT strictly necessary;

               for all remaining categories and section 3 the performance by memory is compulsory.

Par. 12  Competitors will be able to test the piano checking a timetable that will  be  available on the  website  

        a few days before the beginning of the competition.

               Competitors are kindly invited to inform themselves about  .

Par. 13   Results will be published at the end of the examinations for each category.

Par. 14   Competitors who have been taking lessons in the last two years from  members of the examination board (or are   

               related to any of them) are not allowed to take   part in the competition. In the application form is strictly   

               necessary to put  the teacher’s name.  The full list of the examination board  will be available on the website  


Par.15   The examination board will be formed by musicians, teachers and renowned musical personalities.

Par.16   The examination board may stop players, if  the max. time is expired.

Par.17   The board’s decisions  are final and irrevocable. The examination board may also decide not to give any prize due  

               to a low-level general performance of the candidates.                                                                                             

Par. 18  The award ceremony for the First, Second , Third and Fourth winners will be held at the end of the examination of  

               each category.  Absolute First Prize Winners   of each category will take part in the Major Award  Ceremony  that  

               will be held  on  July 7th 2024  at    “ VILLA ARBUSTO    ”,  in via  Angelo Rizzoli – Lacco Ameno , Ischia   .

               Absolute First Prize Winners who won’t be present at the final concert, won’t be  awarded any prize.

Par. 19  The calendar of the examinations and the date of convocation (from which each competitor will know the day and the  

               time of the call for his/her category) will  be  published on the association website

               Each candidate, therefore, in order to know the day of convocation, will have to visit  the website or call the secretary   

               of the association “Note sul Mare”  (tel. 0039/ 081 5071403  or  0039/ 333 3283159 ) .

              “Note sul Mare” will not be  responsible  in this case; no other forms of convocation are considered.

Par. 20   Candidates will have to provide for their staying during the competition.

Par. 21     Pursuant to Art. 10 of the Law n° 675/96 on Personal Data Protection,   the  musical association  “Note sul Mare”

               declares that all requested personal datas will  be used only to send informations strictly related to the competition.  

                However,  pursuant to  Art. 1 of the same Law, the owner of the data can forbid its use.

Par. 22    The application to the competition entails the unconditional acceptance of the rules of the present announcement.


  Competitors of all sections and categories

 FIRST  classified           (score not less than  95/100 )       1st prize  medal and degree

 SECOND classified       ( score from 94/100 to 90/100)   2nd prize  degree

 THIRD  classified          ( score from 89/100 to 85/100)   3rd prize  degree

 FOURTH classified       (score from 84/100t o 80/100)    4th prize  degree

-Each not awarded competitor will be given an Attendance Certificate.

-FIRST ABSOLUTE WINNERS  of each category   cup and degree (score  99/100-100/100) , will be also awarded the following prizes :

SECTION 1 (Piano solo)

Cat. Junior       Scholarship     €         60,00        Cat. A             Scholarship     €         80,00       

Cat. B               Scholarship     €         100,00       Cat. C             Scholarship     €         140,00

Cat. D              Scholarship      €         200,00

Cat. E               Scholarship      €         300,00    - A Concert  to be held during the season 2025 . The concert is listed  in

                                                                                       “ CLASSICA FESTIVAL NOTE SUL MARE” in Ischia

                                                                        “ISCHIA ISLAND PRIZE”

For the Category Junior , A , B , C , D and E       Scholarship       €     200,00

The Prize  will be awarded at the discretion of the Jury to one competitor chosen among First Absolutes .

SECTION 2  (Piano Four Hands )

Cat. G           Scholarship                  €          100,00 in two                Cat. H     Scholarship            €          150,00 in two

Cat. I             Scholarship                  €          200,00 in two               

Cat. L            Scholarship                  €          400,00 in two     And  1  Concert  to be held during the season 2025  .

The concert is listed  in  “ CLASSICA FESTIVAL NOTE SUL MARE”   in Ischia

Section 3  (Piano Performance)

First      prize scholarship      of  €uro    1.500,00*       and two concerts

Second  prize scholarship      of  €uro    600,00**       and one concert.

Third     prize scholarship      of €uro     300,00     

*€uro 800,00 will be delivered after the competition, €uro 700,00 will be distributed during the concerts as an

   expense reimbursement

**€uro 300,00 will be delivered after the competition,  €uro 300,00 will be distributed during the concert as an expense reimbursement

  - The  Concerts Prize   will be held during the season 2025   of :

   Musical Association Note Sul Mare in  Ischia , 

   Trapani Classi Festival in Trapani ( Sicily), 

   Musical Association "Rospigliosi"  in Pistoia 

 - For the First Prize of Section 3 there will be also “Andrea Monte” Prize : Holiday –Concert *Double room for two people from

  July 8 to July 10 2024 ( 3 days , 2 nights) at the “Hotel Terme Providece” ( Forio - Ischia) with half board and SPA use .The Concert (without compensation to the winner ) will be held on July 8th 2024 at the 9 pm (21:00). The holiday period is not replaceable . If the winner is not available for these dates , the prize will be awarded to the next winner in the ranking.

                                      * Just a formal reimbursement is provided for all award concerts.

Par. 23    Private agreements are being made with several musical associations, in order  to give prize winners the opportunity to play in their festivals. – At the end of the Competition the Absolute Winner  of the Ischia Piano Competition will be mentioned.

Par. 24    Recordings , television or  radio broadcasting of the performances won’t give competitors any right to any reward



Par. 25   Candidates will have to fill out the application form and send it within and not beyond  June  20th 2024 via e- mail to  .     Proof of payment must be  attached to the mail.


Cat. Junior    €   45,00   1^ section     Cat. A-B-C    €   55,00   1^ section     Cat. D-E     €   70,00   1^ section     

Cat. Piano Performance    €  85,00   3^ section

Cat G-H          €    90,00  in two 2^ section            Cat I-L    €  110,00  in two 2^ section


 Payment must be net of charges banking                                  

 The registration fee can be payed by bank transfer:    Banca Prossima   - C/C n° 69467  headed to   “Associazione Musicale   

  Note sul Mare”   IBAN:   IT47S0306909606100000069467  ;  BIC/ SWIFT :   BCITITMM

   Filiale di Milano  20121 -  Piazza Paolo Ferrari 10 – Milano


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